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We have been given the go ahead to reopen our doors to all our dearly missed clients.

Our official open date is Monday 6th July.

We are currently contacting all those that had an appointment during lockdown, we have a long list and will call everyone, stylist and date order.

Those that did not have an appointment and that have contacted us via our contact form, you will be next, in date order.

We will reopen our online booking system as soon as we are confident that we have allocated appointments in a safe and productive manner.

Phone lines will be open from Monday 6th July at 8am.

You are all important to us and hope that you can appreciate the huge task at hand. Our services are requiring extra time and working on a one to one basis is different to us too.

Hold onto those split ends, root grow out and caveman looks..... we will be extending our opening hours to accommodate as best we can!

We are excited, Are you?

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