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Do you have Twinkly Root Syndrome?

Yes, it is a thing! And we are here to help.

Back by popular demand, our Colour Rescue Packs are now available for collection from the salon. We can help those of you that have a scalp application colour and are finding that your greys are now showing too much to disguise by zig zag partings alone for zoom meetings, or that the root touch up sprays are leaving your hair sticky.

All you have to do is drop us a line on the 'Contact Us' page leaving your requests and Denise will call you to arrange collection.

Why not treat yourself to some luxurious hair pampering in our absence? Naturally derived and heavenly aromas, Phillip Martins of Italy have some beautiful shampoo and masks to suit all hair types. And we will only be too pleased to package you something that we know you and your hair will love.

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