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It’s a tough call

In light of the pandemic that has reached us, I ask myself hourly, what is the right thing to do? I have a responsibility for 10 members of staff. Health and financially. The team and I have discussed our options and we have chosen to come to work. “If our clients want us, we will there”. Unless we are forced to close or trading becomes less than cost effective.

We are calling all our booked clients the day prior to their booked appointment to confirm. But we ask you to call and cancel if you feel that you cannot meet with us as soon as you have decided what is best for you and your families. We are stricter than usual with our cleaning procedures and have hand sanitizers for all to use. We have reduced the amount of staff in daily, thus allowing more space between sitting clients and closing on Wednesday. We ask any client that, if they are themselves, or in close contact with the vulnerable, please do not visit us.

We value each and everyone of you and would rather see you with grey roots and shaggy hair later, than not at all!

Keep well, keep safe and keep away from the box dye!

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