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We are super excited to introduce the fabulous

NATURALLY derived product range


Made in Italy, professional hair care and skin care company that combines excellent product performance with the naturalness of the ingredients and the constant search for the perfect balance between nature and science, making them increasingly popular and, above all, loved all over the world.

TRUE COLOUR Cream Systems enable us to offer totally bespoke and CREATIVE techniques to produce the most beautiful results.


PHILIP MARTIN'S is a bio-compatible philosophy that does not compromise and that seeks the maximum effectiveness of the product in respect of health thanks to a selection of certified vegetable and biological ingredients, to formulas characterised by a non-toxic chemistry. 


The natural formulas are without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Peg-Dyes, Plastics, Alcohol, Propylene Glycol,

Methyl/Butyl Paraben.

The functional active ingredients of which they are rich  in make the treatments extraordinarily efficient and create a new ritual of emotional beauty that combines professional effectiveness to an unprecedented experience of sensorial involvement.

We also continue to stock your AVEDA favourites and have introduced

the vegan brand 72 HAIR

for smoother softer hair results to use at home.

HAIRDRESSING continues to get more satisfying!

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